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    You have a question, worry, or wonder about Bali? No worries, you'll find an answer from this massive ever-growing library of videos. You want to stay safe, save money, and have the best time in Bali? I got you covered.

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    Spending over a year on this magical island, visiting the best places Bali has to offer, and finding ways to live the dream life here affordably makes me confident to say this guide will be a game-changer for you!

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    This guide will always be on hand when problems or questions appear during your journey in Bali. Furthermore, I and the community will always support you with anything that might appear.

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Don't Just Take My Word for It..

“Before getting this guide I was trying to piece information together from vlogs and Google but a lot of those were outdated since they described a pre-pandemic Bali. Thankfully Joose has been on the ground in Canggu this past year and thanks to his videos I feel so prepared for when we arrive in Bali this weekend! He explains exactly what to pack, which visa agent to use, where to live and so many practical tips that you didn’t even know you needed. Plus he keeps updating the guide as things change, which I didn’t expect at all! Thanks so much Joose! ”

Joni @joniseeto

“This guide is absolutely what every Bali traveler needs. Joose offers amazing advice on activities, where to live, what to eat, and most importantly how to be safe. This guide gives firsthand experience from someone who has spent significant time in Bali. Learn from Joose’s adventures and mistakes. Get this guide so that you can avoid mistakes yourself and have the best Bali experience possible!”

Luc @lucbequette

“This guide is AMAZING. It answers all the questions that you automatically have in my mind if you plan to come to Bali and beyond that all questions that you may not have yet but that you wish to know the answer to before you came to Bali (and there are a lot, trust me). Honestly, I could avoid so much stress with this guide. Instead of googling everything and spending time with reading lots of blogs and videos (that mostly only give you the basic information), you just have ALL INFORMATION at ONE place - compromised in short videos about 1-2 mins. From basic information about Visas to Phone Tax Registration (?! Yes, I also didn’t hear anything about it before).”

Annalia @annaliakm

“This guide is everything! I love how every lesson teaches me how to live in Bali by someone who has a long experience with living on the island. Especially I want to highlight the lessons about safety since I was a little anxious about it before. Now I feel super comfortamble and I am so grateful about this quide. A high recommendation!”

Kesia @kesiaharju

“I am now planning my second trip to Bali and oh man, I wish this guide could’ve been available to me sooner! Even after going to Bali once, I am still learning so many new things that I wish I knew the first time. This guide is a must if you are planning on travelling to one of the most beautiful places on earth the right way. I would recommend this guide to anyone who is trying to travel safely while having the time of their life.”

Sam @samlandreville

“This guide is a must for a person traveling in Bali. It is packed with important knowledge about the island in the form of easy to watch short videos. If you are planning a trip to Bali please do yourself a favour and get this guide, it will save you from many unpleasant surprises and let you know, for example, where are the best places to eat. This guide will make your trip a lot more easier!”

Konsta @konstavenn

So What Are These 100+ Videos About?

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  1. 1
    • Best Itinerary for a 2-3 Week Dream Bali Trip in 2023

    • Covid Restrictions Now in 2023

    • Best Visa Options Now in 2023

    • Airport Arriving Tips

    • Airport to Canggu in 2023 - The Cheapest & Nicest Ways

    • Best Accommodation Options in Canggu Now in 2023

    • Scooter Prices & Best Contacts in 2023

    • Our Favorite Restaurants Now

    • My Google Maps Saved Places in 2023

  2. 2
    • The Best Time to Come

    • Monthly Budget Examples

    • What You Need Before Coming to Bali

    • Visa Options & Prices

    • Trusted Visa Agency

    • How to Afford Living in Bali

    • Required Return Ticket

    • Packing Guide

    • Flights to Bali

    • Quarantine in Bali

    • Paying Services in Indonesia

    • Phone Tax Registeration

    • Mandatory Immigration Office Visits in Bali

    • Visa Ending? Do This!

  3. 3
    • Where to Live in Bali - Canggu VS Uluwatu VS Ubud VS Amed

    • Where to Stay in Canggu - My 30+ Recommendations

    • Canggu Areas Explained

    • Canggu Areas - Update 2022

    • Guesthouses VS Villas VS Resorts VS Hotels

    • How to Find the Best Accommodation

    • Don't Make This Mistake

    • Uluwatu - Where to Stay

    • How to Find People to Share a Villa

    • Renting Monthly or Yearly

    • Rent Inclusions

    • Villa Security Tips

    • Water Galloons

  4. 4
    • Best Cafes for Working(WiFi speed, AC, etc.)

    • Sim Card Guide

    • Getting Cash

    • Ordering Food Guide

    • How to Find Food Discounts

    • GoPay Instructions

    • Laundry Guide

    • Best Spots to Watch Sunset in Canggu

    • Best Bali Facebook Groups

    • Contacting Businesses

    • How to Make New Friends in Bali

    • Dating in Bali

    • Tipping Guide

    • Best Restaurants

    • Laptop Breaking

  5. 5
    • Do You Need to Rent a Scooter

    • Scooter Renting Guide

    • Taxis & Drivers Guide

    • Scooter Driving Rules

    • Speed Limits

    • How to Deal with Police

    • Driving Safety

    • Petrol Guide

    • Parking Guide

    • Scooter Driving Robbery Safety

    • Navigation Tips

    • Helmet Guide

  6. 6
    • The Best Canggu Clinic

    • Don't Make This Deadly Mistake

    • Not Getting Robbed

    • Best Western Hospitals in Bali

    • Diseases from Mosquitos - All You Need to Know

    • How to Not Break or Lose Your Phone

    • Stray Dogs Safety Tips

    • Emergency Clinic

    • Dangerous Animals in Bali

    • Ocean Swimming Safety

    • How to Get Cheaper Medicine

    • BaliBelly Tips

    • Important Supplements

    • Drugs

    • Cash In Wallet

    • Papaya Leaf Juice

    • Credit Card Scams

    • Covid Tests

    • Having Asthma in Bali

  7. 7
    • Canggu Surf Guide

    • Best Gyms

    • Best Massage

    • Spas with Sauna & Ice Pool

    • Best Yoga Studios

    • The Best Beach for Running

    • Tennis

  8. 8
    • Nusa Penida - Complete Travel Guide

    • Dolphin Watching Trip Guide

    • Uluwatu - Beaches, Exploring, and Activities

    • Uluwatu - Where to Eat & Drink

    • Uluwatu Clinic

    • Beaches - Best Timing

    • Nusa Dua & Watersports Guide

    • East Bali - Bamboo Houses

    • Where to Book Trips

    • Rice Terraces Guide

    • Photos in Bali

  9. 9
    • Online Shopping

    • Bigger Supermarkets

    • Shopping Mall Close to Canggu

    • Health Stores

    • Photography Stores

    • Bali Buda

    • Yoga Mats

    • Book Stores

Bonus Resources

Included in The Ultimate Bali Life Guide

My Google Maps Saved Places

Explore the beauty of Bali like a local with my curated list of favorite places on Google Maps. Find the best restaurants, must-visit attractions, exciting activities, and essential services all in one place.

Exclusive Bali Community

Our community group is made for us all to have a space to ask any questions, share our thought about Bali, have discussions, and meet each other. You can always ask anything, I and other members are happy to help!

Joose TravelingHawks

Moving to Bali was always my big dream but I never knew how much this island would teach me in every possible way. After seeing so many people find themselves, their tribe, and their passions in life here, I realized it's my purpose to make moving to Bali easier and better for all of you.


  • Is this guide beneficial for short-term travelers too?

    Absolutely! This guide helps you with all the practicalities when coming to Bali and during your stay. It shows you what are the best places to visit, where to stay, and how to save money and stay safe. Much more important information for any traveler than in a normal travel guide!

  • Does this guide help me to find an accommodation I love?

    Yes! I have stayed in Bali a long time and many times used days, if not weeks, exploring all the accommodation options in Canggu and other areas. That's why in the guide I can show you 30+ accommodation recommendations including dreamy villas, cheap but nice guesthouses, and epic hotels! The price range of my recommendations is around $200-700/Month with some luxury options too. I also filmed many videos showing you the best methods to find accommodation in Bali and how to get the best prices!